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Why is it so important to decode a classic vehicle?

Thinking of Buying a classic car or truck?
  • Owning a classic is a joy!  But before investing in a classic vehicle, use Decode-A-Ford.com to quickly and easily determine the original configuration of a vehicle, especially if the vehicle is represented by the seller as being authentic.
  • Decode-A-Ford.com can decode the VIN and Cowl tag information for most pre-1981 vehicles, enabling you to determine exactly how a classic vehicle was originally built, or verify that a vehicle has been authentically restored.
  • Avoid the mistake of paying big bucks for a vehicle that's advertised as being authentic but is actually a fake, clone or recreation.   While there is nothing wrong with a recreation - as long as the seller represents the vehicle as such - they typically are worth FAR LESS than an original.
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Thinking of Selling your classic car or truck?
  • Decode-A-Ford.com provides a detailed report of your vehicle's VIN and Cowl tag information.
  • You will have the option of uploading pictures of your vehicle which will be included in your personal decoding report.
  • You will have the option of adding your contact information, price and details about the vehicle, creating a detailed sales flyer which you can email to potential buyers (or print out) to show the details of your classic vehicle, and justify your asking price.
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Already own a classic and just want to know its original configuration?
  • End your curiosity - quickly and easily find out the original configuration your vehicle using Decode-A-Ford.com.
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